Who Am I?

An Introduction to Sasami

To Start things off, My name is Sasami, and I am the First Crown
Princess of Jurai. I have an older sister and her name is Aeka.
She is first in line to the throne. I really get tired of how she flaunts
that though. I came to live with Tenchi and his family in two ways.
It's all a matter of opinion what you believe.
Firstly, Tenchi was captured by my sister and so was the demon
Ryoko. Aeka thought that Tenchi had killed her fiance, Yosho,
also my half brother. After Ryoko's escape, she crashed my sisters
ship, Ryouoh to Earth and we were stuck here.
Then there's the other belief that I met Tenchi when my sister
Aeka suddendly dissapeared and I went to find her in my ship.
While leaving with Aeka, I had a carrot in which my best little
cabbit friend, Ryo-Ohki, loved and when she saw that on the
moninter from her, she went nuts and crashed my ship on earth too.

I love all sorts of animals and I try to be generally friendly to
everyone I meet, but sometimes that can be hard. I meet a lot of
unfriendly people too. I sometimes like to cause trouble, even
though I know I shouldn't. But I feel even a princess has gotta have
I think living on Earth is about as fun as living on Jurai, even more
so sometimes because I have so many responsibilities to keep on
Jurai. It's a lot of fun just being able to be who you really are inside
instead of what they want you to be for the kingdom.


What about you, in real life?

Glad you asked! My real name is Anna Victoria, and I am really
in the fifth grade at Robeson Elementary. Really, truely. I really
like Sasami because I look like her. I have big blue eyes (a
substitute for her hair ^_^) and tons of freckles. I also am
growing my hair out to be as least as long as hers. It's curently
at the middle of my back. I'm small and love animals. I also like
a lot of anime (clean anime). My older sister (Sailor Gaia) got
me into anime with first Sailor Moon, then Tenchi Muyo, in which
my love for Sasami began. She's helped me out with this page
a ton!
My favorite color is purple, and I really love to cook (is that a
surprise?). I also ride horses and practice gymnastics. My dream
is to become a professional gymnastics girl!