The Other Characters

This is Tenchi Masaki. He is the nicest guy I've ever met. He lives at a Temple with his father Nobnoyuki and his grandfather Yousho. He is 17 years old. His mother died when he was really young. Her name was Achika. I got to got into the past and meet her one time. Tenchi is a really good swordsman. Ryoko and Aeka are always fighting for his love!! They're silly!
This is Aeka. She's my sister and crown Princess of Jurai. I'm second in line (which sometimes makes me mad!) She can be really nice to me but when competition for Tenchi or anything with Ryoko arrises, well, let's just say it's really messy. But Aeka is my favorite sister (favorite 'cause she's my only sister! ^_-)
This is Ryoko. She is the most wanted Space Pirate!! She liked Tenchi as much as Aeka. She is in constant competition with Aeka for Tenchi. She can use the jems in her hand to make blasts of fire of a really kawaii sword. But she is kind of a slut. She is always throwing herself at Tenchi begging for you know what!! She'll do anything to get Tenchi in the sack!! Oh well!
This is Proffeser Washuu. I chose this picture of her because it's what she always wants to do with Tenchi, USE HIM AS A GUINIA PIG! I feel sorry for him. Washuu is the universe's greatest scientist. I think her power over science is like magic. She can do anything! The only surprise that she can ever get if something goes wrong. Sometimes I think Washuu is a little scary . . . or how about insane?
This is Mihoshi. She is a Galaxy Police Detective, first class. She's fun to be around with, but I have to say, she is kinda clumsey and ditzy. But in other words, Mihoshi is a genereally nice person who will try to see the good in you no matter what.
In the front is Kiyone (in the back is Mihoshi.) Kiyone is a really smart and tough Galaxy Police Detective, and Mihoshi's partner. Kiyone is very differnt from Mihoshi. She is the most normal and level headed than all of us. Kiyone usually is the one to stay calm and think in a situation. Other than that, she can be nice to me but is REALLY hard on Mihoshi . . . perhaps it's because in a way, Mihoshi ruins her life . . .
This is Ryo-Ohki. She is with her favorite thing : carrots. I guess I kinda got her addicted. Well, Ryo-Ohki and me are best friends! We do everything together. But when the time calls, Ryo-Ohki can turn into a Space ship and fly around! She really is Ryoko's pet, but more of a friend to me. Ryo-Ohki is really cute and sometimes funny.

Here is a small picture gallery for them.

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